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Jake & Amos® began providing canned vegetable and fruit products to customers over 15 years ago. We offer unique and delicious canned products all made with only the finest ingredients available. We believe that canning is an art and know that the way a product is canned can affect the quality of its flavor. For each product, we select the process that will best maintain the goodness and flavor of the ingredients in the recipe.

Our product line currently includes pickled vegetables, salads, relishes, spreads, fruit butters, sauces, mustards and salad dressings. Fresh ingredients, proper methods and time-tested recipes are what you'll find in every jar of Jake & Amos products. We look forward to serving you and your family some of our most beloved recipes.

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Jake & Amos Corporate Office
P.O. Box 465
7615 Lancaster Avenue
Myerstown, PA 17067

Toll Free: (877) 540-6846

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