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Mango Salsa 16oz



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Jake & Amos Mango Salsa is spicy with a hint of sweet mango. Make this Amish quality salsa your new family favorite with classic tortilla chips or a taco topper. Craving something fresh? Create a tasty side salad by serving this salsa on top of fresh salads greens or try it on top of grilled chicken.

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Petite Diced Tomatoes, Mango Puree, Mangos, Sugar, Onions, Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Salt, Citric Acid, Dehydrated Minced Garlic, Dehydrated Green Jalapeno Peppers, Water. Manufactured in a facility that also processes: milk, egg & wheat.

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  • Donna Voirhaar - Dec 2nd, 2023


    I have been ordering this salsa for years and am never disappointed! Absolutely delicious !

  • Donna Voorhaar - Jan 23rd, 2023


    I have ordered your Mango Salsa and really love it. It has just enough sweetness to go with salty chips.

  • Lisa - Dec 19th, 2022


    This is one of the best mango salsa that I’ve ever had! Will buy again!

  • Hedy - Sep 27th, 2022


    I happened to stopped at one of your store in Wisconsin and bought this product to try. I brought this to a friend’s house and everyone loves it. So I had to order more online.

  • Barbara West - Feb 11th, 2022


    Love this addictive mild salsa. It's great on fish as well as using as a dip

  • joyce keefe - Feb 10th, 2022


    thank you

  • Joyce keefe - Oct 21st, 2021


    Delicious and excellent shipping

  • Joyce keefr - Oct 21st, 2021


    Delicious and excellent shipping Thank you!

  • Unknown - Jul 27th, 2021


    This is the best tasting salsa I have ever had. Could live on this alone. (Original review date: 9/18/2016).