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Sweet Cauliflower 16oz



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White, crunchy, and delicious, this Amish style cauliflower retains its natural harvest color and fresh from the field taste. This cauliflower is flavored with just a hint of sweetness and is your next can’t-eat-just-one snack.

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Cauliflower, Sugar, Water, Distilled Vinegar, Fructose, Sodium Metabisulfite, Mustard Seed, Salt, Capsicum.Manufactured in a facility that also processes: milk, egg, soy & wheat. Made with Bioengineered Ingredient(s).

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Bioengineered Disclosure Need: Yes

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  • Brenda E Thomas - Apr 22nd, 2024


    Well, this is all gone Both jars. So I am starting on my others veggies. These are the best pickled vegetables i have ever eaten. J & A you are the best.

  • Brenda - Dec 14th, 2023


    I'm in love with this stuff!

  • Deb - Dec 5th, 2023


    Always great

  • Lisa - Dec 24th, 2022


    I love cauliflower so I thought I would try something new, pickled. Love it! Put it out Christmas Eve to snack with cheese & crackers, everyone loved it. Will be buying this again!

  • Carol Chew - Sep 22nd, 2022


    Would like to order the four (4) More jars of cauliflower

  • judith gallagher - Feb 13th, 2022


    very tasty i really like will buy again

  • John Nye - Dec 6th, 2021


    I love the cauliflower in my pasta salad. I can't find it in my local grocery stores so I purchase from the website. (For several years now)

  • Unknown - Jul 27th, 2021


    Absolutely fantastic... The only problem?? You need quart sized because the pints go too quickly! (Original review date: 8/3/2012).

  • Unknown - Jul 27th, 2021


    Delicious... crunchy, sweet and spicy!! (Original review date: 9/4/2012).