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Lime Pickles 16oz



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Jake & Amos Lime Pickles are made with an Amish style process that gives us a glimpse back to the good ol’ days of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The "lime" used in the process is a food grade version of what was used for making white-wash, plaster, and spreading on the fields. Our forefathers probably didn't know the science behind the preservation process. But they did know that what they created was a very crisp, green pickle with a delightfully dry, sweet balance.

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Cucumbers, Sugar, Water, Vinegar, Spices, Salt, Trace Amounts of Lime, Turmeric, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue 1 and Bisulfate of Soda. **Manufactured in a facility that handles, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

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  • Tony - Feb 1st, 2024


    Freash,tasty,great yummy dude Fresh,tsdty Fresh,tsdty Fresh,tasty great side accompanied with sandwiches ,burgers and snacks.

  • David Rebarchik - Dec 1st, 2023


    I love them they taste just like my grandmother made when I was a kid

  • Denise - Dec 1st, 2023


    If you like the old time home made lime pickles, you will like these sweet pickles.

  • Pam - Nov 26th, 2023


    Good except for the fake green coloring. The last time I ordered them they were the natural color. More appealing and more like mom's with natural color. Not sure I will order again.

  • Denise - Aug 29th, 2023


    No one makes lime pickles any more. They are my favorites and these are like homemade.

  • Dave - Aug 21st, 2023


    taste real close to the my made them will buy again

  • Jeremy - Dec 5th, 2022


    Like Grandma's and Dad's, except smaller cucumbers.

  • Keith Mille - Feb 14th, 2022


    These pickles are the absolute best lime pickles I have ever had.

  • Barbara West - Feb 11th, 2022


    These pickles remind me of ones that my mother in law made many years ago. I like them so much that I gave them as a Christmas present to some family and friends. They all loved them