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Pickled Garlic 16oz



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Amish style pickled garlic cloves add the perfect zing to your already favorite recipes. Made with whole garlic cloves and natural spices, use Jake & Amos Pickled Garlic Cloves to add bold flavor to recipes or as a garnish for vegetable dishes, meats, and more.

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Garlic Cloves, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Natural Spices & Flavors, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Metabisulfite.

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Badge: Gluten Free

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  • Steve M. - Mar 18th, 2024


    Ever eat something new and say to yourself "If I'd known it was going to taste like this, I'd have bought 3 of 'em"? This is one of those.

  • Kayte - Dec 26th, 2023


    I normally buy Jake and Amos brand pickled garlic from local stores, however as a last minute Christmas gift I ordered from here as most local stores are closed for the season. The cloves are huge, mushy and not at all flavored like the ones I get from stores. The ones from stores are smaller cloves, crunchy, and very well flavored. Honestly not even giving this as a gift anymore because I'm that disappointed.

  • Rick - Jun 26th, 2023


    Great snack! Another delicious hit! Ordering more now!

  • Lisa - Dec 24th, 2022


    Put the pickled garlic out with cheese, crackers and pickled cauliflower, we all love this as well. Will also be buying this again!

  • Lydia - Jul 23rd, 2022


    This one is absolutely amazing . So far the best I've found !

  • JJ - Dec 3rd, 2021


    Love the pickled garlic! Fantastic and just gotta have