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Pickled Green Tomato 16oz



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Jake and Amos Pickled Green Tomatoes are a unique and Amish style delicious treat straight out of the jar! These tomatoes make a tasty addition to any meal and a wonderful olive substitute for mixed cocktails.

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Tomatoes, vinegar, water, salt, onions, garlic, spices, flavoring, coloring. Manufactured in a facility that handles eggs.

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  • Laverne M Wise - Jul 17th, 2022


    My first time trying them I really do like them a lot they are good yummy thank you 100%

  • Sheri Breitstein - Jun 29th, 2022


    My husband and I were very disappointed with the texture of these, they were very chewy and tough,

  • Sandy - Jun 28th, 2022


    Beyond my expectations.

  • CHRISTY - Jan 20th, 2022



  • Steven - Nov 18th, 2021


    We love these!

  • Unknown - Jul 28th, 2021


    A great change of pace for "blah" old school relish trays. And if you imbibe as I do, a superb addition to a vodka martini. (Original review date: 1/17/2014).

  • Unknown - Jul 28th, 2021


    If you're a pickle lover like I am, then you have to try these pickled green tomatoes. They are so good, I even sip the brine when they're gone. I just wish they were a little less expensive so I could buy them in bulk. (Original review date: 5/3/2014).

  • Unknown - Jul 28th, 2021


    Absolutely amazing! Found this at my local pumpkin patch. Can't wait to order and give to my family for Christmas. I am from Washington State and we LOVE green tomatoes. I will definitely be a long time customer because of this product. (Original review date: 10/13/2015).