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Pickled Green Tomato 16oz



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Jake and Amos Pickled Green Tomatoes are a unique and Amish style delicious treat straight out of the jar! These tomatoes make a tasty addition to any meal and a wonderful olive substitute for mixed cocktails.

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Tomatoes, vinegar, water, salt, onions, garlic, spices, flavoring, coloring. Manufactured in a facility that handles eggs.

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  • C. Smith - Mar 19th, 2024


    These little flavor bombs are awesome! Hadn’t had them in about ten years. Found them in line at 3 in the morning, ordered them and have been enjoying them daily. Even introduced a couple of non pickle lovers to them! Three jars may not last long!!

  • Phyllis Schowalter - Jan 25th, 2024


    Great taste!

  • Robyn Moseley - May 10th, 2023


    I found these in 32 oz jars years ago at a farmers market. I love them and everyone I give them to also loves to eat them. If you like dill pickles you just have to try these!

  • Betty Dodds-Putkovich - Apr 24th, 2023


    We love these little guys. Guests can't tell what they are so they're fun to serve when entertaining. We no longer go out of state where we used to purchase them and are very pleased they're still in production. Thank you for great service and little pickles!

  • Betty Jean Dodds-Putkovich - Apr 15th, 2023


    We absolutely love these. We used to get them visiting relatives but can't get there these days and they are not available locally. Find them and try them, really good with sandwiches.

  • Laverne M Wise - Jul 17th, 2022


    My first time trying them I really do like them a lot they are good yummy thank you 100%

  • Sheri Breitstein - Jun 29th, 2022


    My husband and I were very disappointed with the texture of these, they were very chewy and tough,

  • Sandy - Jun 28th, 2022


    Beyond my expectations.

  • CHRISTY - Jan 20th, 2022