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Million Dollar Pickles 16oz



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Named for their flavor, not their cost, these thinly sliced pickles are in a golden, Amish style brine with the perfect complement of onions and red peppers. If you love our bread and butter pickles, you’ll love these!

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Cucumbers, Sugar, Water, Vinegar, Peppers, Onions, Spices, Salt, Bisulfate of Soda. **Manufactured in a Facility that handles: Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Peanuts and Tree Nuts.

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  • Mark Waterman - Jan 12th, 2024


    My grandchildren were over, and ate a jar in no time

  • Lorrie - May 23rd, 2023


    I don’t normally like sweet pickles but these are amazing!

  • Scott - Mar 28th, 2023


    You can't get just one jar, get Millions! Crisp and Sweet!

  • Wayne Evans - Dec 7th, 2021


    Soft not crispy. great taste terrible texture

  • Unknown - Jul 26th, 2021


    Love these!!! (Original review date: 11/16/2017).

  • Unknown - Jul 26th, 2021


    I agree that these are the BEST B&B pickles. (Original review date: 1/13/2013).

  • Unknown - Jul 26th, 2021


    So yummy on hamburgers and hotdogs, or eat them right out of the jar. (Original review date: 6/8/2015).